Jack Hanford

Engineer - Hacker - Technology Addict

About Me

My name is Jack Hanford and I'm not your average 21-year-old. I grew up in Leland, a small town in Northern Michigan, while attending an even smaller school (there were only 14 kids in my graduating class). I graduated from high school in June 2012, and one week later I was 2500 miles away from home with no friends and no family. Nervous but excited, I found myself in San Francisco. I was in the technology capital of the world and my life was about to change faster than I could have ever predicted.

What I'm writing about



One of my favorite things to do is bike. It's the only way I can keep myself in shape and living in beautiful California, I can almost always go. I have a favorite route that I like to take which is around 15 miles. I try to go atleast 3 times a week. The wonderful views and weather help me clear my head.


This is something that is very unique, I love being able to think up an idea and than trying to bring it to life. I am still mastering my skills and I still have a long way to go. But being a part of a team that is shipping fast is something that I find very exciting.


Every person I have met has been passionate about something, whether it be computers, surfing it could be anything. For me, that passion is the mobile space. I don't build mobile apps (except one) but I can't but read any and all of the news about the space countless times throughout the day. While I was in high school I would buy and sell smartphones on Craigslist. Although I was making profit, I was really only doing it to play with the latest hardware and software from Google, Microsoft and Apple.


This one is pretty obvious. I love hanging out with my friends. I live in a hacker house in Palo Alto with 14 others. The age range is from 17-24. This has provided a really unique experience. We all have our own friend groups which overlap with our roomates. Our house always has things to do, whether its critiquing each others design, pulling all nighters programming together or yelling at each other while playing games, we are never bored.